Ordering a golf vacation package: the main factors to consider

Golfers who have already gone on a European golf trip will recognise which factors come into play. But for those who are first timers, we’ve laid these factors out for you in one place. Read on and prepare yourself for your golf vacation by noting these factors. Keep them in mind before you decide to go on holiday and follow some of the advice laid out here to avoid any unexpected surprises.

European golf course rules and etiquette

Something that seems small at first—but which many golfing tourists neglect—is the matter of golf etiquette. Many golf courses in Europe expect you to dress a certain way before playing on their golf courses. This includes shoes, pants, shirt and sometimes even gloves and hat.

Find out what the course rules are before booking a course. It’s rather embarrassing having to leave because of improper attire. A bit of research from the start can prevent this embarrassment and ensure that you pack all the right gear without having to purchase it there.

Travel agents take a big chunk

Utilising a travel agent buys you two things: time and convenience. But doing what they do is much easier than you think. You can save up to a quarter of your holiday expenses by simply cutting out the middleman and making all the arrangements yourself.

You don’t need to have longstanding connections to get good deals and affordable golf holiday packages. Simply call four or more facilities and see which ones offer the best packages. Then ask for a discounted rate by using the following as motivation:

  • You’re taking a package deal
  • You’re bringing along a group of people
  • You’re booking in advance
  • It’s your first time taking a golf vacation at that facility