Tips On How To Play At Oceanico Faldo Golf Course

You’ll find a golf course every few miles in Portugal, but the Oceanico Faldo is nothing like the others. The designer of the course, Nick Faldo, holds this view. Millions of golfers also agree with him.

On seeing the course, the first thing people notice is the contrasting colors. Under the bright blue sky, you’ll notice a sea of vivid green of the grass, to terracotta shade, and finally the clear white of the bunkers. The varying colors captivate the visitor’s attention. The Oceanico Faldo Course looks fantastic, but how does it play? How should a golfer’s approach this course? Let’s find out.

Nick Faldo was anguished by the quality of golf courses. They were more of ‘see it, hit it, and find it, hit it’ type of courses. He wanted to build a course that would test the golfing skills of the players. He felt, on a good course you don’t have to follow a fixed routine. Players have to just stand on the tee; the course would advise the golfer how to proceed. Apply your golfing skills, the course will reward you, or you’ll be penalized if you don’t.

A Tough Start

Players should be ready to face the challenge of Oceanico Faldo from the 1st tee itself. Players will run into two downhill holes pretty early in the round. At the 5th, get the power-hitting muscles ready as you will have to clear a large lake by hitting across.

The return nine holes start with an elevated tee, which then slowly rolls down to the plains. Again, players will find themselves on the hills to play the 11th, which is also the shortest on the course. You’re not on top just yet. The highest point of the course is the 13th, which is nearly 50 meters from the plains. You’ll have to dodge many rocky projections on the next two holes. By the end of the 18th, you’ll realize the second nine at the Oceanico Faldo is one of the hilliest in the region.

It would take special effort to finish the 18th with a par. At the halfway mark of the 18th, you’ll have to skillfully handle the ball to escape the left and right bunkers. An accurate rising shot would be required to reach the elevated green.

To excel on the Oceanico Faldo Golf Course a well-planned strategy and perfect execution is the key. Players are required be at their absolute best and most accurate to handle the challenges of the hilly terrain, rocky outcrops, and numerous water bodies.