Reasons To Try Espiche Golf Course At Least Once

Searching the key phrase ‘golf courses in Algarve’ on the internet would throw a huge list that’ll take you a while to peruse. With so many options available you need a good reason to choose a particular golf course. Today, we’re to discuss with you the reasons to visit the Espiche Golf Course. At the end of this post, we’re sure you’ll want to visit this course more than once.

The location

Playing on the Espiche Golf Course is one sure shot way of getting close to nature. The golf course is located in a spectacular nature reserve, not too far from the town of Lagos. Not even for a single second, you’ll feel the course is something that has been artificially created in a beautiful landscape. The course gels well with the surrounding.

Golf tourists visiting the Espiche Course will feel at peace with the peaceful and tranquil surrounding. The Western Algarve region is known for world-class golf courses. Millions of golf tourists visit this region every year, but away from all the crowds the Espiche Golf Course is guaranteed to give you absolute privacy.

Espiche Golf Course – Part of nature

The Espiche Golf Course is an 18-hole wonder that measures 6411 yards from the starting tees to the final green. The tees here are large and the fairways are narrow enough to test the accuracy of the drives. The course undulating through the beautiful landscape has for company numerous trees, streams, and lakes. Espiche is surrounded by vineyards and the open countryside, and the Monchique Mountains stands majestically at a distance.

The Espiche Course is playable all year long

Use of an innovative grass technology keeps the course playable all year long. The grass used on the course is vivid green during the summer; it turns to a brownish green in mid-winter. This unique grass type lays dormant throughout the rainy season when the temperature is fairly low. This phenomenon allows the grass to change color, but keep up its playability at all seasons.

Clubhouse with a view

Golf tourists would prefer staying close to the game even when they aren’t playing. The clubhouse is a good place to relax and enjoy the fine views of the entire golf course. Visitors to Espiche are treated like royalty. A whole range of facilities is thrown open for their enjoyment. Golf enthusiasts can make full use of the practice facilities, pro shop, restaurant, and bar.

The Espiche Golf Course is worth not just one, but many visits.